Real Estate


First time home-buying to seasoned investing, real estate can be complex. We are experts in helping our clients navigate through the nuances of the purchasing, selling, and investing of real estate.

Estate Law


Life is a beautiful journey. All journeys come to an end. Taking a short time to get affairs in order will ease the emotional and financial burden on loved ones. Probate service can be time exhaustive and financially overbearing. We provide a preemptive solution to unnecessary cost and heartache.

Personal Injury

Attention to detail is key when  dealing with the complexities of a personal injury claim. Experience is key in navigating through legal strategies to lessen the burden of the repercussions of something so severe. 

Family Law, Divorce, & Child Custody


This experience can be very costly for families in many ways. Everyone involved is affected emotionally, psychologically, and financially. 

We will invest our time and effort in protecting our clients assets and parent-child relationships. 

Criminal Law and DUI/DWI

Our professional lawyers are skilled in dealing with a range of criminal defense issues and misdemeanors, including domestic violence, assault, battery, DUI and DWI. We’re sure you’ll have many questions about your case at this challenging time. We provide trusted legal advice and expert representation for every step of the way.

Traffic & Moving Violations

Speeding, red light, texting, seat belt, and any other traffic violations are tedious and time consuming. Let us attend court on your behalf. While you attend to more important issues.


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